Make Spotlight This Month: Vesbar Wine Lounge

Vesbar Wine Lounge is a popular wine bar and pizzeria located in Somerville, specialising in a range of local beers and wine. We managed the venue’s renovation and extension at a price that was reasonable and appropriate, including a kitchen fit out using some specialised equipment. The client originally had a small bar, and had recently acquired the space next door, allowing him to expand the restaurant space. As a result, we liaised with the builder when working on the kitchen fit out to make efficient use of the extra space.

A key piece of equipment we installed was the Amalfi 3D6T, a stone based deck oven used to prepare pizzas. The pizza oven we fitted met the client’s needs and budget perfectly. The traditional wood fired oven lends authentic flavours to pizzas. The extremely high temperatures inside the oven allow for fast cooking while ensuring the pizzas have a crisp crust and perfectly melted cheese. The removable bricks and grates allow for easy cleaning and maintenance, so do the castors that the unit is placed on

Other equipment we set up included a free standing gas fryer, hot plate, cooktop, ware washing machinery, refrigeration and a range of stainless steel benching. The client was also keen to have small pizza prep fridge. Since we didn’t have one in stock at the time, we worked with our custom stainless steel department to convert a noodle bar into a prep fridge.