Winterhalter is the specialist in commercial warewashing systems. Perfect cleaning results are guaranteed from dishwashers, cleaning products, water treatment devices and racks. Winterhalter products are characterised by their innovation, efficiency, ease of use and the results delivered to professional kitchens for decades. All over the world, the complete spectrum of food service and catering facilities have come to rely on the Winterhalter name and its warewashing products. Winterhalter was founded in 1947 by Karl Winterhalter in Friedrichshafen, Southern Germany. Today, Jürgen and Ralph Winterhalter, the son and grandson of the founder, run the family company. With over 1000 employees worldwide, the owner-operated company is one of the global players in the commercial kitchen industry.

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  1. Winterhalter GS630 Pot Washer

    The GS 630 is the world’s smallest utensil washer and is the ideal solution for washing utensils in small kitchens or tight spaces. Excellent washing results on Euronorm trays, sheet pans, Gastronorm containers, trays and grease filters. The GS 630 handles big tasks in foodservice, bakeries and butchers as well as fast food restaurants. It is hygienic and efficient and saves a considerable amount of time. If required, the GS 630 also offers programmes to wash dishes, cutlery and glasses, with some restrictions.
  2. Winterhalter PT-M Pass Through Dishwasher

    Sale Winterhalter PT-M Pass Through Dishwasher
    The PT-M pass-through dishwasher offers enough space for most types of dishes. Depending on the application, the compact machine model is available as a dishwasher, bistro dishwaher, glasswasher or cutlery washer.
  3. Winterhalter Reverse Osmosis AT-S

    Sale Winterhalter Reverse Osmosis AT-S
    The award winning reverse osmosis series is designed to offer the ultimate cleaning performance regardless of your water type by removing up to 98% of particles in your water. The results are polish free glasses and cutlery that are crystal clear. The Romatik can save your business significant sums in staff time, glassware breakages and reduced broken glass injuries.
    Reverse Osmosis AT-S
  4. Winterhalter UC-L Under Counter Dishwasher

    This high quality UC Series Dishwasher is designed not only to facilitate and enhance the work for kitchen professionals, and is also energy efficient.
  5. Winterhalter UC-M Under Counter Glass washers

    Sale Winterhalter UC-M Under Counter Glass washers

    Winterhalter UC-M under counter glasswasher compact, powerful and economic.

  6. Winterhalter UC-S Undercounter Glass Washers

    Sale Winterhalter UC-S Undercounter Glass Washers
    The UC Series of under counter glass and dishwashers are compact, powerful and economic. The range offers many options for your business warewashing requirements.
  7. Winterhalter UC-XL Under Counter Dishwasher

    Glasswashers for the UC Series can perfectly adapt between regular washing and any special washing on-site requirements.
  8. Winterhalter UF-M Utensil Washer

    Sale Winterhalter UF-M Utensil Washer
    The new UF range of utensil washers brings high tech cleaning and reduced economy to the professional kitchen. From compact units to large scale space savers, we have the right solution for every kitchen.
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