Make Case Study: Sushi Hub

We recently completed a kitchen fit out project with Sushi Hub, a quick service sushi brand with 50 stores in locations all across Australia. The restaurant specialises in classic and modern sushi types, and is popular among customers looking to grab a quick meal that is reasonably priced and doesn’t compromise on flavour.

As a major quick service sushi chain in Australia, Sushi Hub has been growing rapidly. HWD needed to provide a fast turnaround for every fitout that was completed. In most cases, we had just a few weeks to complete the whole project – from set out to completion. We had very little time on hand, making speed and precision extremely important, in addition to being able to adapt to different site conditions and environments.

HWD supplied and installed the FoH display cabinets that are used for food preparation and bulk storage. We also supplied stainless steel benching, used for ware washing, food preparation and storage, the cooking equipment, and ventilation solution. Our well-managed supply chain ensured we were able to provide a kitchen fitout solutions within the time constraints. Our existing set up of in-house manufacturing and an established set of external contractors allow us some much needed extra leverage that we can use to get the job done.