Make Choosing A Commercial Dishwasher

Having to wait for a clean dish while food goes cold is any kitchen’s nightmare. Fewer pieces of restaurant equipment are required to work harder than a commercial dishwasher, which is why it’s absolutely critical to choose the right one. If you’re in the market for a new commercial dishwasher, follow our handy guide to ensure you find your perfect fit.

Commercial Dishwasher Types

First you need to know which type of commercial dishwasher you require - this will be dependant on the nature of your business, the number of customers your serve and how fast you need your dishes sparkling.

Glass Washers

As their name suggests, glass washers are ideal for glassware, especially specialty glassware (like wine and martini glasses) that requires a little extra TLC during cleaning. Glasses are more fragile than regular dishes and require a washer that’s specially designed for their fragility.

Ideal for: Bar, Nightclubs, Restaurants with frequent bar service

glass washers

undercounter dishwasher

Undercounter Dishwasher

Undercounter dishwashers are a popular choice for smaller kitchens that require a compact, space-saving unit. They’re affordable, easy to install and simple for staff to operate.

Ideal for: Bars, Cafes, Small restaurants

With that being said, if you’re running a large-scale restaurant that needs a lot of dishes cleaned quickly, an undercounter dishwasher has the potential to slow things down.

Pass-through Dishwasher

If you have the floorspace and need to cater for a high volume of customers, a pass-through dishwasher might be your dream machine. By completing multiple parts of the wash cycle at once, pass-through washers can deliver a powerful clean to huge quantities of dishes.

If you have a high demand for dishes, this type of dishwasher is well worth the extra cost.

Ideal for: Restaurants, Cafeterias, Hotels

passthrough dishwasher

Key Considerations

Now that you know what type of commercial washer you require, it’s time to take a look at the finer details.

Cost and energy consumption

Sticking to a budget is important. But even more important is choosing a dishwasher that meets your needs. Opting for a cheaper machine that can’t keep up with your demands at your busiest times is likely to end in disaster.

Also consider energy consumption, maintenance and servicing costs.


Space budgeting is just as crucial as financial budgeting. A powerful new dishwasher is no use if it can’t fit in your kitchen! It should fit smoothly in your kitchen’s workflow and be easily accessible for staff.

Capacity and Speed

Never underestimate the demand for clean dishes. Don’t calculate your requirements based on your average daily output. Instead, choose your commercial dishwasher based on how many dishes you’ll need cleaned during peak demand times.

If in doubt, choose a machine that over-delivers.

Ease of Use

Finally, your commercial dishwasher must be simple for your staff to operate. It will be used every day, multiple times a day, so there must be no difficulty during loading and unloading. Consider extra features (like booster heaters or custom dish racks) that might be beneficial to operations.

If you’re in the market for a new commercial dishwasher, get in touch with HWD and we’ll help you choose your ideal machine.