Xtractair Low Velocity Exhaust Canopy 21/14


Xtractair Low Velocity Exhaust Canopies, engineered for performance
Dimensions: 2100mmW x 1400mmD x 600mmH

Xtractair Xblade low velocity capture technology gives you up to 40%reduction in required air flow rates, reducing noise, reducing fan and reducing ducting kit requirements. The Xtractair Low Velocity system requires significantly less power to run, reduces noise and saves you money. Directionally controlled vertical Xblade air curtains help keep smoke and heat within the canopy boundary. SS high efficiency baffle filters are fitted as standard. SS baffle filters help equalize drafting flows across the filter face.

They easily fit into a standard dishwasher for cleaning, saving you time and money. LED lights fitted with toughened safety glass and constant voltage drivers as standard.

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