XLT 3240-1 Single Deck Gas Conveyor Pizza Oven

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.3240 is considered a medium sized, production oven which is used by medium volume pizzerias, schools and some supermarkets. This model is perfect for replacing outdated deck ovens and older conveyor ovens.
XLT Conveyor Gas Oven System 3240 Series XLT™ manufactures both gas and electric conveyor oven Air Fusion system ovens with options for hotels, restaurants, cafes, bistros and pizza shops, through to conveyor ovens more suited to higher capacity of hot food production kitchens. Gas models can be connected to either natural gas or liquid propane whilst electric models are an improved version that bakes as fast as the gas ovens. These electric and gas conveyor ovens are available in 3 configurations - single, double, and triple stack ovens with 24", 18", 32”, 38" belt width options. Each oven comes standard with a glass assess window, a conveyor, a conveyor end stop bar and the relevant stand on castors with 2 locking castors 3240 is considered a medium sized, production oven which is used by medium volume pizzerias, schools and some supermarkets. This model is perfect for replacing outdated deck ovens and older conveyor ovens. - The XLT-3240-TS-E is available in three configurations, the single, the double, and the triple stack models. - The optional front sandwich door is provided to load or unload product for different cook times. - Both exterior AND INTERIOR exposed surfaces are made of easy cleaning stainless steel. - XLT™ ovens are manufactured with pride in the USA under stringent quality standards. - Most replacement parts are non-proprietary can be purchased from either BOFI or local sources. - The large removable front panel allows for easy access to oven interior, making cleaning much easier than our competitors’ ovens of the same size. - All XLT™ ovens are 100% factory tested with a minimum 4-hour burn-in time. - The conveyors can be set up to move either right-to-left or left-to-right. - Electrical: 240V 50Hz 1ph 3.4amps - Natural Gas / LPG 29.28kW - - Operating Temp 205°C - 310°C; Belt Width: 813mm; Bake time 4-10mins
More Information
Power 240V 10A 50Hz
Temperature Range 205-310
Decks 1
Gas Type Natural Gas
No. of Decks 1
Product Width 1785
Product Depth 1021
Product Height 1549
Price A$34,230.00
Manufacturer XLT
Recommended Retail Price (RRP) A$34,289.00

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