Frymaster MJ150 20 Litre Single Tank Gas Fryer

The MJ150 has a minimum 20 litres and maximum 25 litres shortening capacity. Specifically designed for high-volume frying. The frying area is 356mm x 381mm at shortening level. This 110mj model is specifically designed for high-volume frying and produces 36kg of French fries per hour frozen to done. The exclusive 1° action thermostat anticipates rapid rate of temperature rise, reducing temperature overshoot, extending shortening life and producing a more uniformly-cooked product. Centerline thermostat mounting permits quick sensing (7–10 seconds) of cold food placed in either basket. Master Jet burner has no burner tube radiants to burn out. No burner cleaning or air shutter adjustment is required. The open stainless steel frypot has a large heat transfer area to fry more product per load. The open-pot design has no hard-to-clean tubes. Every inch of the frypot and cold zone can be cleaned and wiped down by hand.
Frymaster Master Jet Pro Series – Single Tank Gas Deep Fryer Frymaster is THE market leader in commercial fryers and frying systems to the commercial food service market. Nearly 80years after Company founder, built the very first Frymaster fryer around the advanced principles of the open frypot. Frymaster provides technologically superior and reliable products which are trusted worldwide for their innovation and highest quality. With a full range of quality deep fryers and oil saving filtration suites, designed for high performance frying with minimum maintenance, Frymaster delivery high efficiency with fast oil heat recovery, making this the fryer of choice for most major fast food chains, it offers a complete frying solution that is easy and safe to operate as well as allowing operators to manage their oil costs. Master Jet Pro Series Fryers offer an open pot gas line-up unmatched in the industry. Ensure consistent, great-tasting food with the open pot design (split or full) making it easy to clean. Millivolt controllers do not require electrical hook-up, reliable centreline fast-action temperature probe, deep cold zone, 32mm IPS ball-type drain valve. The MJ Fryers can handle all menu items, stainless teel frypot and door, enamelled cabinet. - Standard Accessories: Legs, rack-type basket support, basket hanger, flue deflector and 2x twin baskets, covers - Oil capacity 1x 25litre (Full Pot) - Natural Gas / LPG 110mj
More Information
Product Width 397
Product Depth 801
Product Height 1168
Manufacturer Frymaster

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