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Extend the frying life of your oil with one of our oil filtration systems. Oil Filters remove the oil from your fryer, pass it through a filtration layer and replace the dirty oil with clean oil that has any impurities, burnt food etc. removed from it. Regularly filtering your oil is crucial, especially if you are a heavy oil consuming establishment such as charcoal chicken shops, burger restaurants, fast food outlets and fish and chips stores. Oil filtration helps you save a significant amount of costs from continually replacing expired oil. To extend your oil's frying life further, consider using a product such as Magnesol XL which actively improves the colour and quality of your used oil.
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  1. 11" Fry Oil Filter Paper

    Filter paper impregnated with magnesium silicate The paper is primarily used in fry oil shortening filtering machines to hold the filter aid particles in position so that it will function effectively. The material is also suitable for filtering most liquids including fruit juices and brewery products etc.
  2. Poly Mesh ACE Filter Bags – Medium Size (FINE MESH , BLACK)

    Sale Poly Mesh ACE Filter Bags – Medium Size (FINE MESH , BLACK)
    Polywashable filters
  3. Royston oil filter paper

    New Royston oil filter paper
    Royston oil filter paper to suit OF28 Oil filter
  4. MAGNESOL GENERIC 4.8oz 90 pkt

    Sale MAGNESOL GENERIC 4.8oz 90 pkt

    - Extend the life of your frying oil and cut costs significantly by
    using Magnesol Ideal for use by any establishment that consumes
    a lot of oil. - Portion control packs

  5. Royston Oil Filters

    28 litre Oil Filtration system. Quickly extend the usable life of your frying oil. High flow rate and safety features make this a very efficient unit.
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