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A wide variety of pizza deck ovens can be found in HWD, including stone foundations or steel base. Our commercially rated pizza ovens can be standalone or bench-top. You can ask us about our easy-to-install and run electric and gas pizza oven kits. Our commercial pizza ovens are supplied and installed. Purchase all pizza accessories online or visit us at our Melbourne storeroom. Three types of pizza furnace are sold: deck ovens, transport ovens and pizza fired wood furnace.

Our team are carefully preparing and overseeing our installation process. Above all, we work on a clearly specified schedule that you can agree on at the beginning. All of our sketches are reviewed doubly and signed by the customer to ensure that the correct set of designs is used!


Thai Basil

TuanTuan Chinese Brasserie

Hong Kong style food in Carlton



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Artisan food and wine store


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Infinite Wasabi

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